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Wedding Spotlight: Lauren and Ralph

I will never forget the day Lauren called me. This was my first ever wedding inquiry for The Don Cesar Hotel. For those of you who don't know what that is, The Don Cesar is also known as the Pink Palace. It was built in 1928 right on the gulf in St. Pete, Florida. There is so much history associated with it. We were honored when Lauren and Ralph hired us to be her day of wedding planner at The Don Cesar in St. Pete, Florida. PS I'll let you guess why it's called the Pink Palace.

She has such a fun group of bridesmaids! The day started out in the getting ready room with mimosas and snacks. We added something blue to her dress. In a moving tribute to her mom, a charm with a beautiful picture of her mom who unfortunately passed away when Lauren was little was added to the bouquet.

Of course, we had to do a first look with the bridesmaids. Their reactions were over the top and there were many tears shed! Click through to see the reactions!

Now the boys or should I say Men's turn.

While all the getting ready and detail photography is happening, we as you day of wedding planners in Tampa were setting up all the personal items in the ballroom - from place cards to guest favors. We were also meeting all the vendors for set up - so they knew where they needed to set up!

A close friend to them made this beautiful wooden cross for the ceremony. We helped set it up and take it back down as well - making sure it got stored properly.

Finally it was time for the big moment and one of my favorites when we get to line up everyone to get down the aisle. Part of our jobs as your day of wedding planners at Don Cesar is to make sure no one is wearing sunglasses, has phones on them, is chewing gum, etc. It helps all your pictures look nice and uniform!

Since they opted not to do a first look, now was the time for family portraits and bridal party photos. They had quite a large family. Something that we always have our couples do is create a family photo list. This list is just what it sounds like - where each photo is listed out like B & G with Bride's Mom, B with Bride's mom, etc. We help the photographer by calling out names to have people ready to go right away so that each photo doesn't take so long so you can get to your cocktail hour. This is just one of the many benefits of hiring a day of planner in Tampa.

Also we highly recommend - and any photographer would as well, if you have a large bridal party (like this one) definitely consider hiring a day of planner. It is a literal job in itself to keep track of this many people for all of the events and photos they are supposed it be in!

How dreamy was their reception for about 200 guests. The ballroom had an upper level on either side.

The cake was made by one of her bridesmaids who owns Sweetwood Bakery right in Tampa.

Right into all the classic wedding moments, Grand Entrance, First Dance, Touching Toast by Father of the Bride and hilarious toasts from the siblings - right down to the cake smash in the groom's face! He took it well.

The band Society Hill by Foreman Productions brought down the house. They got both the bride and the groom to sing a bit on the microphone and just made it a crazy fun dance party!

It was such a fantastic wedding at the Don Cesar. We so hope to be back there soon for another wedding. The location, service, and facility is unmatched. Hiring a day of planner will truly help you relax and enjoy your day at the Don Cesar or at any venue.

It was such a pleasure to be a part of Lauren and Ralph's day on April 17, 2021!

No wedding would ever happen without a superb vendor team.

Photo Carrie Wildes Photography

Video Voila Cinematic

Florals Events in Bloom Tampa

Cake Sweetwood Bakery

Beauty Adore Bridal Hair and Makeup

Band Foreman Productions

Venue The Don Cesar Hotel

Photobooth The Gala Photobooth

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