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Unveiling the Value:What does a day of planner cost?

Are you navigating the intricate maze of wedding preparations and considering the role of a day-of wedding planner? You may be wondering, "What do day-of wedding planners cost?" The answer goes beyond mere monetary considerations – it's an investment in a stress-free, flawlessly executed wedding day. Day-of wedding planners dedicate significant time to pre-planning during the month of, working with couples to create diagrams, detailed timelines, and seamless communication with vendors and venues. This meticulous preparation ensures that any potential hiccups are addressed before the big day even commences, leaving you free to savor every moment without worrying about the logistics.

Behind the scenes, day-of wedding planners in South Florida, Palm Beach, Naples, Marco Island, and the Florida Keys are not just individuals executing tasks on the wedding day. They are strategic event architects who spend weeks prior fine-tuning the details to perfection. From coordinating with florists to confirming catering orders, they leave no stone unturned in their quest to make your wedding day unforgettable. This month of pre-planning process is a critical aspect of what you're investing in – a smoothly orchestrated celebration that reflects your vision.

One often overlooked component of what day-of wedding planners charge is the compensation for their team. Assistants play a pivotal role in executing the grand plan, and they too require fair remuneration. This daily rate includes compensation for their time, travel, dedication, and expertise. When you hire a day-of wedding planner, you are not merely paying for a person; you are investing in a team of professionals with a wealth of experience gained through numerous events and comprehensive education. This collective knowledge ensures that your wedding day unfolds seamlessly, regardless of any unexpected challenges that may arise. Hiring the right assistant is not cheap, we pay between $300-$450 per assistant for a wedding day. Typically they are onsite for 12-14 hours and are giving up a day off from their 9-5 job.

When I am custom quoting my weddings, I do a breakdown of items and that is how I arrive at the final cost:

Pre-Planning Hours (estimated from our initial talk to see how much is left to be done)

Assistant Hours Day Of (ranges from 10-14 hours)

Planner Hours Day Of (ranges from 10-14 hours)


Travel (mileage, tolls, drive time, hotel if out of town) - I literally charge what it costs me.

My rates for month of day of planning start at $2,000 (within 40 miles of my home & 10 hour day) and then it branches out from there with the travel costs and additional hours.

In different areas of the country, fees for month of day of planning will vary because of cost of living. As you all know it is not cheap to live in South Florida. I also only take 1 wedding per weekend to guarantee that I am at my best for your special day. While other planners take 2-3 weddings per weekend, I am solely focused on yours so I have to account for that as well.

In conclusion, the cost of day-of wedding planners in South Florida, Palm Beach, Naples, Marco Island, and the Florida Keys is more than just a line item on your budget. It's an investment in peace of mind, expert guidance, and a flawlessly executed wedding day. As you embark on this exciting journey, consider the value that day-of wedding planners bring to the table – a commitment to turning your dreams into reality, leaving you to relish every moment of your special day.

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