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Wedding Spotlight: Kristina + Donovan

Kristina just happened to be a bridesmaid in one of my previous weddings. She knew how we ran that wedding and she wanted the same stress free day for herself! I had Kristina's number saved in my phone as Kristina Tequila because at that previous wedding she door dashed a bottle of tequila in because they didn't have her favorite tequila. She is an awesome person - just can make friends with any one and is no doubt the life of the party.

Kristina and Donovan's wedding was at her family farm in La Belle Florida. That means backyard Florida wedding. When I tell you that Backyard Weddings are a completely different beast than a venue wedding, I seriously mean it. There are so many other elements that go into it that a venue would usually handle - trash, bathrooms, chairs, tables, silverware, dishes, bar, bugs, lighting, etc. If you are having a backyard wedding, I highly recommend not only hiring a month of/day of planner but to extend the package to include some hours throughout the whole process. We can help you discern from what is needed and what is not.

Photos By Maripaz Photography

First thing is the morning was setting up the ceremony chairs, the rental company just dropped them off so we needed to set them up (you can pay extra for set up and we highly recommend this because there is so much going on during the day). I promptly and unknowingly stepped in a red ant pile. My ankle swelled up twice the size- but no matter, you got to keep going. Usually on a day of I only have 1 extra helper, for backyard weddings, I take a minimum of 2 people with me. I had my best two with me that day and boy did they earn their keep.

Photographs by Sabrina Mock Photography

We set the tables - from the cloths to folding the napkins to setting the silverware to the centerpieces, we helped set up and run power for the catering (using some of my power stuff from my emergency kit), we set the ceremony chairs, then moved all the ceremony chairs over to the reception area. We cut limes and poured tequila shots for every single person for the place cards (140)! That was time consuming. And since we were so busy doing family photos the photographers didn't get a good shot of it before everyone devoured the shots! The ceremony went off without a hitch. During the middle of the ceremony her dad got out a plastic ball and chain and put it around Donovan's ankle. Lots of Laughs.

Photos by Maripaz Photography

We had placed and explained the smoke bombs to the folks at the end of each aisle to get epic pictures like this. That is always why it is important to hire a day of planner for your south florida wedding. We make sure to go the extra mile to explain to the guests sitting at the end how to do something whether its blowing bubbles, throwing petals, etc so that you get the best photos.

This was three different angles and shots. 1st was Maripaz Photography, Middle is my photo and last is Sabrina Mock Photography.

Absolutely loved the jewel tones for the bridesmaids dresses. The Matron of Honor is a designer and she designed the whole wedding Bohemian Style. It was awesome. The Bouquets were made of dried florals.

Photo by Sabrina Mock Photography

The reception was just the best. The weather was absolutely perfect. They had a big bonfire with smores station that we set up. All the food was Mexican style and of course the bride Miss Kristina Tequila herself had a huge bottle of tequila pouring shots into everyone's mouth. When I tell you it was the biggest party I have ever been to it was the truth.

Photos by Maripaz Photography

The musician she hired - Keith James - out of Tampa, but far one of the most talented people I have ever met. His voice and playing skills just pure. Such a fun performer too. During the Father Daughter dance he turned it into slow version of "Get Low" by Lil Jon and someone posted it on Facebook at Lil' Jon actually posted it to his story on Instagram!!

The bride gave us the best shout out by just saying "Lizzie and her team are the SHIT!" Rarely do we get a shout out during the night so we were touched! The bridesmaids gave a hilarious co-toast. The Father of the Groom sang their first dance song. And the matron of honor belted out a few songs too. Truly talented family on both sides! The night ended with Fireworks and us handing out glow stuff to everyone.

Photos by Maripaz Photography

This was one of the hardest, most challenging weddings that my team and I has ever done, but boy was it one of the most fun and memorable. Please, please, please heed this advice - if you are doing a backyard wedding, do yourself a favor and hire a month of/day of planner. You have no idea how much extra work goes into that kind of wedding and what it takes to truly make it successful without running your family and friends ragged trying to set it all up.

The Bride's Review:

Kristina , married on 12/11/2021

Simply the best!

Lizzie and her crew are actual super heroes! The day wouldn’t have gone as amazing had they not been there! They’re a pleasure to work with and if you’re getting married, you NEED THEM! Everyone at the wedding was raving about them as well and asking for their number for someone they know. They are simply the best!

The team that made it happen:

Photographer 1: @sabrinamockphotography

Photographer 2: @maripazphotographs

Beauty @slayedby.sofia

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