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Wedding Spotlight: Josh & Gina

We were thrilled when Gina called us and asked us to be her day of wedding planner. Learning a couple's love story is one of my favorite parts of being a wedding planner. These two were childhood sweethearts, but through the years and different paths, they drifted apart. But they still had a few mutual friend and when Gina was hanging out with that friend she inquired about Josh and the friend said that Josh had asked about her as well. So they reconnected and now they are married!

The pearls on her necklace and earrings are from her grandmother's wedding dress and are heirlooms that each woman in their family wears at weddings! These are the special little details that mean so much!

Josh was a natural when it came to posing for photos - he knew just how to place his hands and we had his photos done in no time!

They opted to do a first touch - a first touch is when you don't see each other before the wedding but you are on either side of a wall or door or in this case a column and you touch hands to get a photo like this.

Wedding wouldn't be possible without an amazing team of vendors.

Photographer: Set Free Photography

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