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Wedding Spotlight: Danielle and Gaby

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

I felt super honored that Galina with Marco Beach Ocean Resort recommended me to these two lovely ladies. Turns out that Danielle used to go to Summer Camp less than 15 minutes away from where my parent's resort is in Wisconsin! When the month before came, I worked with Danielle and her mom to get all the details and put everything in order.

On the day before, everyone was great and practiced perfectly at the rehearsal. Finally it was time for the day of! November 6, 2021 - The day Danielle and Gaby were married. They both got ready in separate rooms. Gaby is more like me and just had a few close people around her. Danielle had so many friends surrounding her and it was full of loud joyous noise!

We did a first look in the valet area of the hotel - which is actually super beautiful with the foliage, flowers and architecture. Sale E Pepe is the restaurant there where they hold all the wedding Sale E Pepe at Marco Ocean Beach Resort is a perfect spot for weddings.

Aimee Rossi, the photographer, got some amazing bridal portraits with the two of them.

The ceremony happened on the beach. Boy was it a windy one! Probably the windiest we have ever seen it for a wedding. But nevertheless, we wanted to have a beach ceremony - after all they both live in Chicago and it was about to be winter. Since it was a Jewish ceremony, they needed a chuppah, well with that wind it was more like a sail so we made some modifications. My assistant Katie had to dig with her hands in the sand to bury the bases of the arch so it wouldn't blow away. When we got home, I added a collapsible shovel to my emergency kit immediately. As you can see, there was no hope in keeping that arch straight the wind was just relentless. We ended up moving the string quartet to the other side of the ceremony so their music would blow towards the guests. Also there were supposed to be flower petals lining the aisle - if you can guess those didn't stay worth a hoot. So we stood off the side and release petals as they were walking so it blew in front of them! This is why we always try to promote to clients that you should definitely have a day of planner for your Marco Island wedding.

The one cool thing about the wind was after they walked down the aisle someone brought out a huge Pride flag which made for a killer picture! Sale E Pepe Weddings offer a great beach spot to get Married in Marco Island!

Cocktail hour was on the beach with a wonderful steel pan player.

People were definitely ready to get off the beach when it was time for reception to get a little wind reprieve. The dinner was up on the Sale e Pepe Terrace at Marco Ocean Beach Resort.

They hired the FABULOUS Brett Foreman Band - let me tell you, they are a tremendously talented bunch of people and super down to earth and easy to work with. Sometimes performers can be divas, but not these guys and gals - super class act. The Dance Floor was not empty ALL night. First time I had ever seen that at a wedding!

For the first dance, Danielle and Gaby did an awesome choreographed dance to Grease Lighting from the musical Grease. They had their family jump in and join them at certain intervals. It was our job to hand out sunglasses and blow up guitars during the dance!

We of course had to have the Hora Dance.

Pretty much the rest of the evening was just crazy dancing which mostly happened on the floor - but hey, if they are having fun, I am here for it.

When the noise ordinance hits at 10 PM, they all moved inside the ballroom for a DJ and to continue the party. As that transition was going on, we snuck outside with a few people to do a sparkler exit.

Overall this day was so fun and beautiful. We were honored to be a part of Danielle and Gaby's wedding at Marco Beach Ocean Resort. It was also our first LGBTQ wedding and we were so thrilled and touched that they chose us to be a part of their day.

Photo Aimee Rossi Photography

Video Imagery Wedding Films

Venue Marco Beach Ocean Resort

Beauty Duality Artistry

Band Brett Foreman Band with Foreman Productions

Ceremony Strings Vanderbilt Strings

Lighting Di Box Events

Flowers Silver Lead Florals

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