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Wedding Spotlight: Ben + Ashley

I know I have been totally behind on writing blogs and especially with the Pandemic you think I would be right on top of this. But with the event world being shut down, it forced me to branch out to figure out how to support myself and that didn't leave me with a lot of time for blogging. I think the Pandemic really helped everyone see how much self care is needed so that is why I took a break from blogging - But I'm back - hopefully doing this twice a month to give you all some more insights into the wonderful world of weddings. Specifically all the fun weddings in Palm Beach and all around South Florida.

Ashley and Ben was the first time I worked almost completely with just the groom. Ben was handling most everything for the wedding and it was a refreshing change. He knew what they wanted and asked for me to make it happen. This was also our first wedding at a museum.

03.02.2019 - Ben and Ashley's Norton Museum of Art Wedding

Ben got ready at the Tideline Resort and Spa, and Ashley got ready at the Lotus Salon on Worth Ave on Palm Beach Island. Their photographers were all the way from ROME! Yes as in Italy. Ben proposed to Ashley there and hired these photographers to capture it. So they offered to come over and photograph their wedding as well. It was a neat experience to work with vendors from other countries to get their take on weddings and how our traditions are different from theirs. They also used both digital and film!

The couple decided to do a first look at Pan's Garden on Palm Beach Island. Pan's Garden is garden that you can walk through but there is a fee to have a photography session there. This is why its good to hire a day of wedding planner in south Florida who knows all these ins and outs.

After the first look, we took family portraits and went all around the island to get some great photography shots with the clock tower on Lake Avenue, blooming trees on Palm Beach Island and of course shots with the ocean!

This is why I so highly recommend a first look, not only because you get that private moment with your soon spouse to be, but also you help the timeline out tremendously and all your photos aren't rushed. We were able to visit multiple locations to get stunning shots like these. If you want to talk more about first looks, please don't hesitate to reach out to your local month of day of wedding planner in Palm Beach aka me!

After taking pictures around Palm Beach, they hopped in to a beautiful classic car that they rented and we headed to the reception venue - Norton Museum of Art. They have an amazing banyan tree out front that makes for stunning photos.

We tucked the bride and groom away, and prepared for their garden ceremony. The bridal room over looks the ceremony area so Ashley was able to peek down at all of her guests. It was finally time for the ceremony. They each wrote their own vows which were so funny and sincere.

After the ceremony, it was time to have some fun exploring the museum - it reminded me of Ferris Buellers Day off when they go to the museum. If these photos don't convince you that a museum wedding can be amazing then I don't know what will.

They had the cutest combo guest favors and place cards. The gummy bears even matched the colors of the wedding. Their guest book was a book featuring the art that was being displayed in the museum.

It was a super fun night with a great team of vendors. I can't wait until we can do another wedding at Norton museum of art!

Here is their review of our services:

Our venue (Norton Museum of Art) recommended we book a day planner to be able to enjoy our day and all that we had planned. While we thought we thought we had our act together, I can’t imagine now how we could have done it without Lizzie. She made everything run like clockwork, from vendors and family in the right place at the right times to all of our personal touches executed throughout the event with perfection. Watch her work is like watching an air traffic controller. She really enabled us to enjoy our wedding day, worry free. Thank you, Lizzie!!!

Vendor Team - No wedding day is possible without everyone working together!

Catering: Constellation

Beauty: Lotus Spa

DJ/Lighting/Dance Floors: Parisi Events

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