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Wedding Cakes

Let's talk about cake! I am a sugar addict- so any thing dessert is right up my alley. This is just going to be a broad overview of styles of wedding cakes - there are so many and the amount of flavors you can do is just amazing.

First let's talk frosting - there are really two main kinds you can do - Butter Cream and Fondant. Buttercream is a soft frosting that can be made to look rough or super smooth. Fondant is sugar paste that is rolled into sheets - the cake bakers can do all sorts of fun designs with fondant.

Here is a butter cream cake:

Photo by Pixie Vision | Cake by Sailfish Club of Florida

Here is a fondant cake:

Photo by Controluce Wedding Photography | Cake by Johnsons Custom Cakes

Now let's talk layers - the size cake you get often depends on how many people you have at your wedding. The cake baker will guide you into what size cake to get. If you want a massive cake, you can have that! Sometimes the cake bakers will use fake Styrofoam layers to make those big masterpieces. The top layer of the cake is usually saved for the couple to wrap up and save until their first anniversary. Each layer can be a different flavor and have different fillings. For example, this cake has a mix of biscotti orange cranberry and red velvet layers.

Design by Johnson Custom Cakes

Next lets talk decor - your cake baker can paint on the cake frosting with edible paint, your florist can add beautiful flowers, you can add your own cake topper - your palm beach day of wedding planner can help set up your personal items - the sky is the limit when it comes to how your cake can be decorated. Here are some examples:

Photo by Poirier Wedding Photography | Cake by Johnsons Custom Cakes

Photo by Kir Tuben | Cake by Earth and Sugar

Cake Cutting - what do you need? Well sometimes couples have their own cake cutting set of utensils or the venue will provide. I also have a set in my emergency kit if needed. The DJ/Band will guide you through how to cut your cake. I think it is important to have a conversation with your significant other before the wedding to talk about this - whether you are going to do the whole cake smashing in the face thing. Some people are very sensitive to it and the last thing you want to do is upset your new life partner by shoving cake and ruining makeup, staining outfits, etc.

Photo by Lilly and Lilly Photography | Cake by Publix

Photo by Michelle Lawson Photography | Cake by Sailfish Club of Florida

Lastly, let's talk cake stands - usually there are three options 1. the cake baker provides the cake stand or 2. the venue provides the cake stand or 3. you provide a cake stand. Cake stands can range from ornate silver ones to rustic wood boxes to not even having a cake stand and letting it sit on the table (there is a piece of cardboard underneath it) - it is really up to the style of your wedding.

Photo by Grace and James Photography | Cake by Trigs

Photo by Steven Miller Pix

You don't have to have a cake if you don't want - but that is another topic for another post! Hope you learned a bit about wedding cakes.

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