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Bathroom Amenity Baskets

When you think of a wedding, bathrooms aren't the first or probably twentieth thing that comes to mind. But everyone goes - especially when the open bar comes into play. In our other blog posts, we have talked about guest amenities and what you can do to give you guests a more pleasurable experience. Well today, we will be talking about Bathroom Amenity Baskets for weddings.

Photo: The Guest Box by MiMi - ETSY

First of all, what is a bathroom amenity basket?

It's a basket that you make up with several items in there that would typically be used in the bathroom or for hygiene.

Do I need one for every bathroom?

We suggest just placing one in the main bathroom nearest your reception. Usually for the woman's room, they would get more items placed in the basket. You don't need to do one for the men's room but it is a nice touch.

Who puts out my bathroom amenity baskets?

Your Florida Day of Wedding Planner! Us of course - this is one of our many services. Also in our a la carte section, you can choose to have us provide the baskets for you so you don't even need to worry about what to buy!

What do I put in my bathroom amenity basket?

  • Band aids

  • Mints

  • Gum

  • Mouthwash with Cups

  • Spray Deodorant or One Use Deodorant wipes

  • Stain Remover (Shout Wipes, Tide To Go pens)

  • Tooth Picks

  • Floss (1 time use)

  • Pain Relievers (Advil, Tylenol)

  • Acid Reflux Medicine (Tums, Maalox, Pepto Pills)

  • Lotion

  • Lint Roller

  • Mini Packs of Tissues

  • Safety Pins

  • Contact Solution

Just for the Ladies

  • Bobby Pins

  • Tampons/Pads

  • Hair Tie

  • Hair Spray

  • Nail Files

Where do I get all this stuff?

They have a great travel size section of these items at Walmart. Another great place to visit is your local dollar store like Dollar Tree - they have all these items usually in smaller boxes since the items are $1 each. In our experience, most of the items don't get used, so we, your south Florida day of planner, pack it up for you at the end of the night. So expect have leftover items, so make sure to get what you like!

Do I have to include everything?

Of course not, we suggest at minimum putting in mints, pain reliever, antacids, stain remover, and hair ties. Just think of the biggest items you have forgotten when going to an event and include those.

What do I put everything in?

This is where you can be creative and bring in some of your wedding theme. Having a beach themed wedding? Use a fun white washed basket. Having a country/barn wedding? Use a bushel basket. Don't really have a theme, just get a nice container from the dollar store or Walmart. They have nice metal ones with little chalkboard signs where you can write something.

Do I need to include a sign with the baskets?

No - but it is a nice touch. There are a lot of cute creative signs that you can just copy right online and put into a word document and print out on your computer and put it in a frame. Super simple - but that is something we offer as an a la carte option.

Photo: Designs by Khari - ETSY

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