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Transportation - when do you need it? Why should you have it? That is what we will focus on for this blog post. Wedding transportation is obviously the means in which you will get from one destination to another. Let's answer the big questions - in answering the bold questions it will also answer the question on why you should have transportation in certain situations.

When do I need to have Wedding or Event Transportation?

When you are having the ceremony and reception at two separate locations

It is essential to have transportation for the bridal party when you are having the ceremony and reception in two separate locations. It is a really nice amenity for your guests to have transportation for them when there are two locations. It's a great way to control the arrival of guests to the reception site. You would offer transportation from the hotel to the ceremony to the reception then back to the hotel.

When there is limited parking at the event facility

If your venue has limited parking, make sure to arrange shuttle transportation for guests. Choose a designated pick up location with plenty of parking - make sure to ok it with the hotel if you are staying there so there aren't any issues day of. If you are doing welcome bags or have a wedding website, make sure to include a schedule of pick ups and drops offs. The transportation company will give you suggestions for a schedule based off how many guests you have, the distance to travel, and your timeline.

Do I need Transportation for my bridal party?

If the getting ready, wedding and all events are taking place at the same, then no. However, if the getting ready is happening somewhere else, then everyone needs to move to ceremony/reception site, or if the ceremony and reception sites are separate, YES you will need transportation. Believe us, you do. Having transportation will mean your bridal party will arrive places on time and together. This way your timeline won't suffer as well as the photography timeline. Having someone get lost or be late can really affect the pictures - so do yourself a favor and hire the transportation. It is something that can alleviate a lot of stress. As your South Florida Day of Wedding Planners, we will work with your transportation vendor to ensure all members of the bridal party are present. We also coordinate pick ups and drops off.

If my wedding is all at one location or there is no parking issue, Do I need Transportation for all my guests?

No you don't need it but it is a nice option. Couple will usually have one main hotel or place where everyone is staying and they will offer a shuttle to and from the hotel. Another option is to purchase uber or lyft codes and include them in the welcome bags or have your Palm Beach Day of Planner (like us) hand them out to guests asking them if they need a ride at the end of the night.

If you have any questions on when you need transportation, leave a comment. We are happy to assist with questions about wedding transportation in Palm Beach and any where!

Plus it's a cute photo op!

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