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Tent Options

Having an outdoor wedding or event can be a little overwhelming if you consider weather factors - sun, wind, rain, cold, hot, etc - especially for a south Florida wedding. But you can have some control by renting a tent. There a few different options to choose from when renting one. As your South Florida Day of Wedding Planner, we can help you choose the right tent for your wedding. For this blog post, we will run you through a couple of tent choices, then at the end, list off a few extras that you can add to really make the tent beautiful.

1. Frame Tent

A Frame Tent doesn't have any center poles and is supported from the outside. Because of the silver poles running through the top of the tent for support - we highly suggest getting draping done to the ceiling so that it softens the look of the tent. The frame tents are nice because you have the whole space to use under the tent as there are no supports in the middle.

Photo Party Rental Miami

2. Pole Tent

A Pole tent is exactly what it sounds like - there are poles in the center of the tent to support it. These make great points to run fabric and string lighting from. They come in a variety of sizes. This tent has clear side walls - you hardly even notice them - but that would keep the bugs and rain out! The negative about these is the pole footprint inside the tent - you have to be aware when creating the layout of where the dance floor and guest tables are going. These also need to be staked into the ground - so if you don't have a grassy area or permission to ruin the grass - I'd go with a frame tent.

Photo Courtesy of McCarthys Tent

3. Clear Tent

Want to be able to still enjoy the stars while being protected from the elements - well then a clear top tent is the right choice for you! These elegant tents work great for any type of event - although if you are going for sun protection this isn't the tent for you. It can get really hot in there really quickly if you have a full sun day with no clouds - it's like a greenhouse effect. Also these tents can be quite more costly than the two above. Chat with your Palm Beach Day of Wedding Planner to see which option works best for you.


4. Sail Cloth Tent

This is an upgraded option on the traditional pole tent. The supports used to hold up the tents for a Sailcloth tent are traditionally wood/wood colored and the tent top is sailcloth material rather than vinyl for a translucent look. The downsides are the same as the other pole tent - but this one doesn't require draping - however, it is considerably more expensive.

Photo AAYS Rentals

Let's talk about side walls - do you need them? Yes and No - tent companies will usually let you have the side walls on hold - if the weather is going to be perfect, you don't need to use them. If the weather is questionable, it is good to have them as backup. It can protect your guests from cold wind and rain.

Here are some extras to consider adding to your tent:

- Temperature Control: Fans, Cooling Fans, Heaters

- Draping

- Chandeliers - make sure to ask for dimmers

- String Lighting - with or without paper lanterns


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