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Robe/PJ photos

A huge trend that is happening in weddings is getting ready photos with matching robes or PJs. It is another fun element to photography and add to your South Florida Wedding. As your Palm Beach Day of Wedding Planner we help to organize these special additions to your morning. You pick up all the supplies leading up to your wedding, we can pick up your balloon order, clean up the confetti mess, set up all the decor. We are there for you to make your day more enjoyable.

Having your bridesmaids in matching outfits really elevates the level of the photo - it gives it that uniform look. Plus who doesn't love a little matchy matchy every so often. It's great because the robes or pjs can double as part of the bridesmaids gifts.

Photo by White House Wedding Photography

What are some things that you can add to make the getting ready photos more fun?

1. Confetti

Confetti Poppers or giving the girls handful of confetti to throw for the picture - it makes for a really fun shot. Yes and it makes a mess, but that is why you have us to clean up the mess!

Photo by Britt Renee Photography

2. Champagne

Pop the bubbly and spread it around - don't worry we have plenty of towels if a spill or bottle overflow happens!

Photo by Finding Light Photography

3. Balloons

Get those ginormous letters - and we will set up a fun background- you can order lettering to read Mrs. (add your new last name) or any phrase you want. Plus add some floating and ground balloons for extra fun effect. We will take care of cleaning them all up so you can just enjoy.

Photo by Kalli June Photography

Even if none of these things are in your budget or if you just don't want to do the extra, your photographer will still get great shots of you and your bride tribe getting ready and then posing a few photos of you all together. Remember this day is about you and the person you are marrying so if you want to do it up, go for it, if you don't, then don't. We are here to support all your decisions and guide you in the right way based on what we know about you and the theme/vibe of your South Florida Wedding. Just take a look at our packages page to see what is right for you.

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