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Ring Photos

In this week's blog post, we are going to be featuring some beautiful photographs from Jeff Kolodny Photography. Detail photographs are usually the first photos taken when your photographers arrive on site. What exactly is a detail photo? Well they are images that a photographer captures of the smaller items on the day of. A few of the items they want from you to take photos of are:

- Perfume/Cologne Bottles

- Invitations | Save the Dates

- Personal Flowers

- Vow Books

- Rings

- Jewelry i.e. earrings, necklace, etc.

- Shoes

We as your south Florida Day of Wedding Planners would help gather all those items up and have them in a specific area for when your photographer arrives. That way your photographer doesn't have to track down all the items wasting time.

The one specific photo we will focus on today - are photos of the rings. When selecting a photographer, I highly suggest going through their galleries. You can really pick up on their style of photographer and whether they focus on the details. Jeff Kolodny was kind enough to share these beautiful ring images he took.

His images are so creative - my personal favorite is the s'mores where the marshmallow is on fire. But check out this bottom image where the rings are in a shot glass where the beverage is being poured. This is truly art and it's images of your precious rings. (my precious - anyone???) :-) We highly recommend taking a peek at Jeff's website to check out his unique perspective for wedding photos. We were impressed and I bet you will be too!

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