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Pink Tropical Wedding Inspiration

We love when inspiration boards come into rotation on our blog schedule. We spend quite a bit of time finding the perfect image to pair together to make a cohesive wedding design. We make these boards for our clients who are still considering various themes and colors just to give them an overall view of the day. This inspiration board lends to the tropical, bright color pops and even a nod to Hawaii. There can be quite a lot to set up on the day of a wedding - that is why it is critical to hire a Palm Beach day of wedding planner to make sure that everything is getting set correctly. We insure the name cards are in the right locations, the florals are the correct color, the arch is placed in the right spot, etc.

We hope you enjoy taking a look at this board and hope it gives you some inspiration on what kind of theme you would like to do for your event. We love the look of tropical wedding decor - the pastel yet bright colors of the tropical flowers work well for any type of event.

Bouquet: Kama Catch Me

Invitation: Sandra Hützen Fotografie | Studio Jaja

Aisle Decor: Aloha Wedding Company

Arch: Natalie Schutt Photography | Sabrina Crew Florals

Boutonniere: Etsy

Bridesmaids Bouquet: Fiji Bride

Tablescape: Smashing Weddings | Compass Floral

Cake Topper: Etsy - Zcreatedesign

Cocktail Table: Kaity Brawley Photography | Kaleidoscope Florals


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