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Pantone Color of the Year

This year's Pantone Color is Classic Blue. Blue happens to be my favorite color. If you walk into my bedroom you would get that really quick!

The reason the Pantone folks chose the color Classic Blue is because of the new decade. Blue tends to lend itself to the feeling of calm and stability which is the theme for the decade. Blue also mirrors traits such as dependability, trustworthiness, credibility and constancy which is what you can absolutely expect from us when you hire us as your south Florida day of wedding planner.

In honor of the color of the year, we have created this inspiration board to show you different ways of including this calming color.

Candy bar: Beauty of Wedding

Tables: Ned Jackson photography

Bride: KS and R photo

Cake: A BaJillian Reciptes

Invite: Shine Wedding Invitations

Bridesmaids: Caught the light

Welcome sign & guest book: Kenzie Victory Photography

Groomsmen: Wedding Concepts

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