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Photo booth Options

With technology changing all the time, there have been some really fun new additions to the photo booth world. We wanted to share some of those new options with you. A photo booth is a fun way to give your guests a takeaway and then at the end of the night you get your own book with all the complied photos. Here are some unique photo booth options:

1. VW Bus

Get inside these vintage vans for a unique photo experience. The photo booth is all contained within the vehicle. Makes for spectacular photo ops inside and out!

Penny the VW Bus from the Red Eye Collection

2. Slow Motion Photo Booth

Just what it sounds like - slow time down in this slow motion photo booth. At the end, get a compliation video of all the shots from the night.

Video by Remedy Wedding Films

3. Roving Selfie Station

An attendant will walk around your event with a selfie contraption right in hand. Those photos can be automatically sent to a TV screen around the event. Then your guest have the option to email or share via social media or for a little extra you can get a print station.

Photo by Foto Boyz

4. Magic Mirror

This walk up to photo station will have you asking mirror mirror on the wall - it guides you through the picture taking process. You can add emojis and writing right on the mirror!

Photo by Fat Llama

5. Green Screen Photo Station

The photographer sets up a large green background and has a variety of props. Before your event, you get to choose 4 backgrounds from your guests to choose from - do you have a theme? or certain places that mean a lot to you? send your friends and family there with a green screen station!

Photo by Hot Shot Photo Booth Rentals

6. Flip Books

Make a short video and they will print it into a flip book!

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