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Late Night Snacks

A great guest amenity and a real crowd pleaser is a late night snack. What exactly does that mean? Late night snacks come out anytime from an hour after dinner until the end of the night. A snack is a great way to help with the alcohol consumption and after all the dancing, your guests need some sustenance.

Part of our jobs as a day of wedding planner is to make sure these snacks make it out and to give your guests a heads up that it is there. You will want to choose food that is easy to eat while on the move. Your guests will be up and dancing - so the small finger food is a good choice.

There are so many great food options to do for late night snacks. Here are a few ideas:

- Pizza

- This is a great one, because it is relatively inexpensive and people love pizza

- Mini Sliders

- Burgers are also another great options -some couples have had their day of wedding planner go to McDonalds and pick up a bunch of burgers and fries. You would have to clear it with your venue though - some times outside food is not allowed

- Adult Grilled Cheese

- Have a variety - with bacon, with avocado, with tomato

- Soft Pretzels

- Good thing to soak up all the drinks!

- Milk and Cookie Shots

- Just like it sounds - a little glass with a cookie.

- Gourmet French Fries

- A little container with Fries and different dipping sauces - aioli, ketchup, etc.

Another option is to do a take out box that guests can grab on their way out with anything you wish in there - to go pizza, sandwiches, Chinese, more dessert. The venue can use heat lamps to keep it warm. The world is your oyster on this option. We are here to facilitate your wishes.

Milk and Cookies Photo: Pop, Fizz, Clink Events

French Fry Photo: Perez Photography

Breakfast: Syvlie Gil Photography

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