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Featured Articles

I felt like it might be fun to share all the articles that I have been featured as giving advice as a South Florida Day of Wedding Planner. We also included a link to it on our website if that helps: Articles

Why you should consider having a Secret Wedding like celebrities do? Click Here

12 Things Brides regret not doing at their Reception. Click Here

Bad Wedding Guest Etiquette: Click Here

Wedding Vows - More than Just Words: Click Here

Meet Lizzie Lumley - Hakuna Matata Weddings: Click Here

Wedding Planners reveal tips for saving Money: Click Here

Month of Wedding Coordinator - why you need one: Click Here

Best of the Palm Beaches: Click Here

Meet Lizzie Lumley - Hear about how she started Hakuna Matata: Click Here

Hope you enjoying checking out all the articles. We are so appreciative to all these outlets for publishing us. We have worked really hard to gain the experience to be able to be knowledgeable about weddings and events.

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