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Detail Photos

Our last blog post talked specifically about one type of detail photo - but today we are going to talk about detail shots as a whole. You might be wondering when you see your photographers timeline - they put in a half hour for detail shots. Are those really necessary? That is a personal question you have to ask yourself. Some photographers don't do detail shots because it is not their strength. I suggest at least getting minimal detail shots done. Because in the hustle and bustle of life, invitations get lost. Memories fade. But photos are forever.

As part of our month of planning services, we remind you to put all the detail items in a box for when you are packing up your items to head to the hotel. Then on the morning of, before the photographer gets there, we make sure there is a clear off desk, table, etc to place all of the items on. Your photographer will then arrange them and sometimes they bring their own props to add that extra ounce of beauty. As your palm beach day of wedding planner, we also arrange for your personal flowers to be there so that is an added beautification to the detail shots.

The items that are typically included in details shots are:

- Invitations

- Programs

- Rings

- Perfume/Cologne

- Jewelry (Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings, Watches)

- Hair Pieces

- Cufflinks

- Vow Books

- Shoes

- Garter

Let's see some examples:

Photo by Finding Light Photography

Photo by Michelle Lawson Photography

Photo by Kir2Ben

Photo by Focused on Forever

Photo by Set Free Photography

Photo by Let Me Be Candid

Detail shots can include anything you like - picture of your pets, something old, new, borrowed, blue, maybe your favorite liquor bottle, or something that has a significance in your relationship. Really the sky is the limit. Just be sure to look at your potential photographers instagram and website galleries to see if they focus on the detail shots or not. It takes an eye to arrange the items.

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