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Dessert Options

Gone are the days where cake is the only option for a sweet treat at weddings. We, as your palm beach day of wedding planner, can help pick the right treat for your wedding day. Here are some fun options to consider including on your big day:

1. Donut Wall

- As your south Florida day of wedding planner, we help assemble your donut wall on site. We can even pick up the donuts for you! Some South Florida favorites are from Jupiter Donuts - where the donuts from the picture below came from!

Poirier Wedding Photography

2. Cookies

- From custom decorated cookies to amazing PDX cookies to cookies from the venue - no one can turn down late night cookies. If there are left overs, you can have have little to go bags for guests to take.

Photo PDX Cookies

Photo Gina Bakes

3. Pie

- Not much of a cake person, no worries. Have a pie bar at your wedding- peach, blueberry, apple, banana cream, pumpkin- even option a la mode!

Photo Just Simply Delicious

4. Ice Cream Station

- What's more fun than a topping bar at a wedding- customize it by adding your favorite toppings - guest's love to know the little things about you! One groom we had eats ice cream every day - so this was an absolutely must for him! Guests

Photo Blue Bird Ice cream

5. S'mores Bar

- An interactive dessert option - set up a s'mores station and bring the outside indoors. We've never seen any station so busy! As your south Florida day of wedding planner, we can help you design and set up this station.

There are so many other ideas - but just after writing these 5, my sweet tooth is aching! So I'm off to the pantry to grab some cookies myself. I'll leave you with some cute sayings:

Cute sign ideas for dessert stations

- How sweet it is to be loved by you!

- Love is Sweet, Take a Treat

- Here's to a Sweet Beginning

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