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Dance Floor Wraps

Dance Floors are the most popular place to be during a wedding reception.... well except for maybe the bar. The dance floor is usually placed in the center of the room - it ends up really being a focal point. When choosing a venue inquire about what kind of dance floor they have - if they don't have one that is particularly nice, some times you can negotiate rentals within your contract whether it be draping, upgraded dance floor, charger plates...

Back to the main topic, if the dance floor is going to be the center point to your room and you've spent so much time choosing the perfect venue room, best linens, most beautiful decor and florals and then there is a brown par quay dance floor ruining the vibe. So what's an option to disguise this dance floor besides renting a specialty dance floor - which we will talk about in another blog post by this Palm Beach Day of Wedding Planner.

You can hire someone to install a vinyl wrap on your dance floor - the best part is it can be custom. You can customize it with anything you want with any color you want. The usual choice is a monogram. Usually the more intricate the design and the more colors, the more the cost goes up.

A word of advice if you want to go this route make sure to talk to whoever is providing the dance floor to get the correct sizing and to make sure that they will allow vinyl being stuck to their dance floor. Also be sure whoever you are ordering the graphics from that they will come and install it. It takes a professional to install the vinyl on the floor.

Photo by Finding Light Photography | Vinyl Wrap by VIP Printing

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