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Headpiece Options

The common head piece at a wedding is veil - we won't talk about those here - as I'll do a whole separate post on veils in a future blog post.

Here are a few other options to wear in your hair on your wedding day.

1. Flowers - have some beautiful flowers weaved into your hair - you can match your wedding florals for that extra touch

Photo by Wedding Forward

2. Sparkly clip - there are so many different kinds you can get from shapes to swirls - the possibilities are endless.

Photo by Poirier Wedding Photography

3. Tiara - on your day you should feel like a princess and if you want to wear a tiara go right ahead. I wore one just for my reception - I bought it at Disney World!

Photo by Let Me Be Candid in Naples, FL

4. Floral Garland

Photo by Chelsea Diane Photography

5. Nothing - just your natural hair!

Photo by Finding Light Photography | Hair by JenX

Photo by Trenholm Photography

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