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Bouq Company

This company did not pay me in any way for my writing here - a client told me about this company and I did some research into it and thought I should share my findings.

Here is some information straight from their website:

The Bouqs Wedding Flowers specialize in amazing Pre-Packaged and Do-It-Yourself wholesale boxes. Our Bridal and Event clients can choose from our popular pre-curated packages or customize something truly unique! Since our flowers are cut-to-order and shipped direct from the farm, they arrive fresher, last longer and save our customer up to 80% vs. a traditional florist!

You can choose from multiple different packages and they will work with you to create a custom package of florals based on conversations with you.

They package the florals up and ship them right to you - you are in charge of creating your centerpieces and other floral accents. They send instructions so you know what to do.

My suggestion of caution is be sure that you will have enough time, space and helpers to create your florals. If you have never designed florals before, it can be very time consuming. You have to have the space to cut the flowers, put them in buckets with water, then store your creations some where cool. The days leading up to your wedding is when you are going to need to create these like 2-3 days prior MAXIMUM so they will last. Consider all the events that will be happening - family coming into town, rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, etc.

If you REALLY wanted to do this and needed some help, we have experience in floral design so we could come over and help you create your floral designs - we also could transport them to the necessary areas as well. That can be part of our month of/day of wedding planning packages.

They have great youtube tutorial videos as well - here is their channel: Click Here

You can read reviews about them here: Click HERE

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