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Special Effects for First Dance

By now, you have probably seen an over the top wedding video on facebook showing a cake the size of a small house and fireworks going off behind it or a bride coming out of a mechanical flower for the first dance. While most of us can definitely not afford something like that or don't want that much attention there are still some fun ideas to incorporate into your first dance.

1. Cold Sparkler Fountains

These sparklers only reach a temperature of about 62 degrees F so they are safe. You will have to get with the venue about whether they are allowed and usually a fire permit is needed as well.

dancing with sparklers surrounding

Photo by Halo FX

2. Fog Machine

Vendors call this dancing on a cloud. Big rolls of fog cover your dance floor and make it just look magical especially with the right lighting - which your DJ or band should be able to help you with. Venue permission is usually required and a fire marshal inspection as well.

dancing with fog machine first dance

Photo by King DJ FM

3. Confetti Cannon

They can shoot out confetti throughout your dance or just at a special moment or at the end. It makes an incredible picture. Venue permission needed - as you know this can make quite the mess so there may be additional cleaning fees.

dancing with confetti first dance

Photo by Halo FX

4. Bubble Machine

I'll just let this photo speak for itself

dancing with bubbles first dance

Photo by Callo Photography

All of these are totally feasible. It just takes some talking with your venue to make sure they are allowed. Many DJ companies offer these options so you can get them bundled into your music service. If not, there are many great production companies around that can take care of this for you. As your day of wedding planner, we are there to make sure these productions happen at the right moment and that everything gets set up properly and all the fire marshal etc. items have been taken care of.

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