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  • Lizzie Lumley

Top 5 Wedding Movies

This top 5 is according to me, Lizzie of course. Totally based on my opinion. Being in the wedding industry, I am always immediately drawn towards wedding movies. These are my top 5 favorites that I have seen so far. What are your favorite wedding movies? Comment.

1. Wedding Planner - 2001

- This has to be my number 1 because this is how I found out that Wedding Planning was a career option.

2. Wedding Singer - 1998

- OMG! The scene on the airplane with the original - that is enough to land it in spot #2

3. 27 Dresses - 2008

- This is one of my Dad's favorite movies and mine too. I love the premise of finding the person that you least expect being your soul mate. Also the scene with them on the bar singing Bennie and the Jets - one of the most memorable movies scenes for me.

4. Princess Bride - 1987

- As you wish - has to be one of the most iconic wedding movies of all time. Mwarriage True Wuv.

5. Wedding Crashers - 2005

- This movie is absolutely hilarious and as a wedding planner makes me cringe at times.

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