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Couple Feature: Ben & Ashley

For the first time in my wedding planning career, I dealt mostly with the groom. Usually it is always the mother of the bride or the bride herself contacting me and going through all the details. But Ben really stepped up and took on a lot of the responsibilities of planning their wedding. They live in Ohio so this was destination wedding for them. They chose to be married at the Norton Museum of Art - their wedding was the first wedding that happened there after the renovations so to say we were all super excited was an understatement. Ben & Ashley got engaged in Rome and the photographer that shot their engagement offered to come over and shoot their wedding. They were fantastic to work with and another thing that was a first time for me, they were using both digital and film. During the reception, I was able to speak with the main photographer and we talked about all the differences between Italian weddings and American weddings. As I figured, she said she was not used to a strict timeline and that Italian weddings can last days!

Before we went to the Norton, we took photos all over Palm Beach! Then we headed to the Norton for the ceremony and reception. A great time was had by all!

Take a look at some of the photos by Controluce.

Venue: Norton Museum of Art - Alex their awesome venue coordinator

Catering: Consellation Catering - Tia will be your go to gal

Photo: Controluce from Italy

DJ and Uplight: Parisi Events

Cake: Johnsons Custom Cakes

Hair/Makeup: Lotus Spa in Palm Beach

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