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Vendor Meals

You are going through the BEO (banquet event order) with your hotel/venue contact and they ask you about vendor meals.. .well what are vendor meals?

Vendors are the people you hire on your wedding day - officiant, photographer, videographer, planner, cake baker, etc. Vendors like the officiant or cake baker who just are there for a short amount of time usually won't require a vendor meal. The vendors that are with you all day long or will be on site for over 4 hours like the photographers, planners, videographers, band or DJ usually request a vendor meal. Vendors request the meals because they don't want to have to leave your wedding site in order to go grab something to eat. Imagine working a 10+ hour day and not having access to food -you would be starving - so that is why we ask for a meal. It doesn't have to be fancy - usually hotels offer a boxed lunch or you have the option of feeding your vendors what your guests are eating. The vendors have a separate area to eat away from your guests and we schedule the meal at a time where nothing is going on during your reception - likely right after the toasts while everyone is finishing up eating. Venues typically charge for vendor meals - just to let you know so you can budget that. Most vendors specify in their contract about vendor meals.

Usually, I will talk to each of your vendors and get you a count of how many meals you need so that you don't have to deal with gathering that information. This is one of the examples of a "hidden" cost of a wedding. If you have any questions about vendor meals, please reach out!

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