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Wedding Planners Fee

When it comes to money, every one is looking to spend it wisely. You work hard to earn your money and rightfully so you want to make sure you are spending it on a worthwhile product and service. That is why I think it is important for me to share a little behind the scenes about how I come up with my fees for weddings that I am the day of coordinator.

1. Number of Hours

- The number of hours I will be working on your wedding day affects the price. Sometimes wedding days can start at 7 AM and last until 1:30 AM! Sometimes it is only 2 PM - 10 PM. So the fee varies on the amount of hours on the day of. I also have to estimate the amount of hours I will be working while I am pre-planning your wedding - i.e. creating the manifest, talking to your vendors, etc.

2. Distance

- I am based in Delray Beach, Florida - if your wedding is within 25 miles of my home, there is no extra charges for travel. The travel fees I charge literally just cover my mileage and tolls - I do not charge hourly for my drive time.

3. Complexity and Size of the Wedding

- Depending on how many people are in your bridal party, if your ceremony and reception are at 2 different places, how much personal items you have for me to set up, etc. This helps me figure out how many event assistants I need with me. I am only one person - on wedding days, there is always a time where you need 2 planners. For example, one planner to be with the ladies before the walk down the aisle, and one planner to be with the gentlemen. This keeps the timeline running on schedule. So I have to build in the wages for my assistants.

That just gives you a taste into how we come up with our fee. Also, not all wedding planners are not the same - just as all other service professionals. Some planners are doing this as a hobby and some planners haven't had any experience. Some planners plan their wedding and then go ahead and launch their own business. What sets our business apart is that this is what Lizzie (I) have wanted to do my entire life. I went to school for event managing - interned with a wedding planner, event decorator, florist, wedding dress company. I have experience spanning all over the event world. I am a certified wedding coordinator - so all that experience and education ensures that you will have a qualified planner and can ensure that you will have a wedding/event day with no worries.

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