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  • Lizzie Lumley

White Wedding

One of the biggest wedding sins is to wear white! So when I met Kelly and she told me that she has asked every one coming to the wedding to wear white - I was like OMG! But she explained that she didn't want to be the biggest center of attention and stand out. All vendors and staff also wore white including me which was definitely weird for me. I wasn't sure that the guests would go along with it but when the day came, it was a white out.

I wasn't sure how I would feel about the white out- but it was actually pretty neat. It really felt like everyone came together for them. Really paid attention to the invitation and request. Just goes to show you that you can go against tradition and do what you want for your wedding!

Check out some photos from the evening.

Venue: JW Marco Island

Photos: Austin Trenholm Photography

Video: I Heart Films

Chairs, Decor, Bar: Niche Furniture Rental

Band: Brett Foreman Band

Florals: Marco Island Florist

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