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  • Lizzie Lumley

Thanksgiving Tips

Ladies - we know it is one of the most stressful times of the year when even if you don't have kids of your own. There is still lots of work to be done. With Christmas coming, there is presents to buy. Family visiting and then the HUGE Thanksgiving dinner. We can provide support for your Holiday plans. We can schedule a caterer, handle the decor, even get your house cleaned! All you have to do is contact us. But if that isn't in your budget this year, here are some tips on hosting Thanksgiving:

1. Create an Invitation List - make sure to get solid RSVPs

2. Create a Plan - menus, grocery lists, timeline of when what needs to go in the oven

3. Accept Help - People often project what their guests are expecting and usually people end up putting undue pressure on themselves. Family and Friends are happy to help - so don't be afraid to accept some. If Aunt Sally wants to make the dessert, let her - one less thing on your plate - so to speak.

4. Set the Table a day or two in advance - this will take the pressure off on the day of to make the perfect table scape and what if you don't have enough silverware! Setting in advance can relieve that stress. Plus it's nice because Fall decor like pumpkins and Mums last a long time.

5. Don't try new recipes - at least for this dinner, stick with what you know or try out a new recipe before the big day. That way if it doesn't turn out quite right, you won't be down a dish.

6. Prep, Prep, Prep - any items you can prep the day before like chopping vegetables, or premaking the sweet potato casserole. Any of that will help clear up your schedule!

7. Labeling Dishes - the day before, bring down and clean (if needed) your special serving dishes. Take post it notes and put a note inside each dish preparing for what goes inside - "green beans", "Mashed potatoes", "stuffing" etc.

Just a few tips to help alleviate the holiday stress.

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