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  • Lizzie Lumley

Snapchat Geo-Filters

Have you ever seen those cute filters on Snapchat? Well you can make your own for your event. It's so easy and pretty inexpensive. You can create the filter right through the app:

Here’s how to create a Filter in your app:

  1. Go to your Camera screen, and tap the icon in the top-left to go to your profile

  2. Tap the ⚙️ button to go to your settings

  3. Tap ‘Filters & Lenses’

  4. Select 'Filters'

  5. Tap the button in the top right to create a new Filter

  6. Choose what your Filter is for

  7. Choose one of our templates to get started

  8. Edit your Filter 🎨 You can tap to edit text that’s part of the template, or drag it into the trash. You can even add your own text and stickers!

  • Add Friendmoji 👯 You can also decorate your Filter with your and your friends’ Bitmoji! When adding a sticker, just tap on the search bar and choose two friends you want to feature.

  1. Tap the ☑️ button when your Filter looks just right

  2. Name your Filter — we suggest something easy to recognize

  3. Schedule your Filter ⏰ Choose a start time and an end time — your Filter can last anywhere from an hour to weeks or more!

  4. Map out the area you want your Filter to cover 🗺️ Drag the points of your Geofence to change its shape, and pinch your fingers in and out to change its size! Your Filter’s price will automatically update based on how big your Geofence is.

  5. Double-check all the info on your Filter order

  6. Tap ‘Submit’ to send your Filter our way for approval 🙌 We’ll notify you once it’s been approved — then, all you’ll need to do is confirm your payment!

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