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  • Lizzie Lumley

Spotlight: Annie & Cory

In order to get my Wedding Certification, I had to plan 4 wedding on my own. The first one I ever did that wasn't a family member's wedding was Annie & Cory's wedding in 2011! Bobbe, the mother of the bride, contacted me off an ad that I had put in the paper saying that I was a free wedding planner and that I needed weddings to complete my certification. Luckily, Bobbe trusted me enough to hand me over to her daughter. Annie and I bonded and talked a lot about the look and feel of her wedding. Her wedding was in Northern Wisconsin - where my family has a place that I live every summer. So it worked out perfectly. The weather couldn't have been more gorgeous on her July 2nd wedding date. Her ceremony and reception were at a private barn that one of her father's friends owned. The lawn was the perfect spot for the ceremony and the massive barn made a perfect Northwoods Wedding.

Photos: Brown Street Studios

Catering: Riverstone

Linens: BBJ Linens

Florals: Trigs Florals

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