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  • Lizzie Lumley

Chair Options

There are lots of different chair options that you can rent for your wedding and event. Having specialty chairs can really add the the theme and decor of the event!

Chiavari Chairs are the most widely used chairs in fancy events - they come in resin, and wood and a variety of colors - gold, silver, black, white, mahogany, etc. They also come with chair pads in a variety of colors - you can even order custom chair pad covers to match your table cloths or napkins

Ghost Chairs are another great option - especially if you have a gorgeous table cloth.

Resin Folding Chairs can be a good upgrade from the basic venue chairs - they are less expensive than the chiavaris or ghost chairs. They come in white, black, light wood, and mahogany.

Bamboo Folding Chairs - this is a great chair option for tropical themed parties - Polynesian, Key West, etc.

There are alot more chair options than just the ones listed above. If you have a particular style in mind, we can help you track them down!

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