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  • Lizzie Lumley

What I learned from my wedding

I was recently married on June 16th in Eagle River, Wisconsin. I, of course, did all the planning myself. I have helped and seen numerous brides and grooms go through this experience but getting to experience it first hand gave me lots of perspective. So here is just a little bit about what a wedding planner learned on her own wedding day.

Let's get this out of the way - I am a control freak - that's what makes me such a good planner. I have definitely learned how to use that characteristic to make my couple's wedding the best it can be with how they want it to be! So when it came to my wedding - I was so nuts about the night before wanting to go over to the reception venue and decorate, even though they assured me they would do everything exactly the way I wanted it. Instead of going over to the venue, I wish I would have just stayed at home with my girlfriends that I never get to see. In Northern Wisconsin where my wedding was, the closest day of planner is over 3 hours away and they wanted an astronomical amount of money to travel to me. So I hired an event concierge. She was great and I just gave her a list of things that needed to be done - which was easy, since being a wedding planner myself I knew the things that

needed to be done.

Things I learned:

- The day goes faster than you can ever imagine - I woke up at 7:30 AM and before I knew it we were walking down the aisle

- Most people really are trying to help you out and be nice - but on the day of, it just seems annoying and overbearing, but I had to remember that they were excited for me and I had to keep a happy attitude

- Having a list of photos I wanted was amazing - we were able to get all the shots by following the list and that gave us left over time for more shots and getting there early to our cocktail hour

- Do a first look of the reception room - you worked so hard to organize all the details - its nice to take a quick minute or two to look at the tables and the decor!

- I was so concerned about having a fun dance party so I made a huge list of songs I wanted the DJ to play - but I should have known better to just let the DJ do his thing - he is the professional. So well he did play most of the songs I requested - the other songs he played were totally fine and everyone just wanted to dance.

- It's essential to have a late night snack if your party is going late. I had pizza at mine and it went so quick! It's a great way help with the alcohol consumption.

- I went to the salon to have my hair and the girls hair done - I so wish we would have done it at the getting ready place. I didn't have the extra money to do it at the time, but I so wish I did. That way we could have relaxed instead of having multiple appointments at different times during the morning.

- My husband and I didn't choreograph our whole first dance - but we did some practiced moves throughout - which can be a great alternative to learning a huge choreographed dance. It keeps people interested and they clap for you if you do a lift!

I'm sure there are a million other things that I will think of and I will put them on the blog!

needed to be done.

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