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  • Lizzie Lumley

Wedding Dresses

One of the first things that girls do after getting engaged is going dress shopping! And why not?! It's so fun to try on the prettiest dresses. This blog post though short will give you just a little detail on some advice and also dress styles.

My advice:

- Have a budget in mind and do NOT let the sales person show you any dresses above your price point

- Even if you have a certain style in mind, don't rule out trying on other styles - you may be surprised at what style looks best on you

- You can negotiate with the stores - have them throw in a free accessories! It never hurts to ask. They work on commission so they really want to make that sale.

- When you buy your dress, it takes a few weeks/months to get to you so don't be disappointed you can't take it home right away

- Listen to your gut - yes Mom and friends will all put in their opinion, but none of them actually have to wear the dress

- If the dress is too heavy, your back will hurt - remember you have to wear the dress for 8 or more hours - so pick a comfortable one too!

Here are a few different styles:

to wear the

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