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We are going to talk about invitations on this post. Save the Dates and Invitations set the tone and themed of your wedding. Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to spend an arm and a leg on invitations. With postage on the rise, mailing each invite costs $1 - $0.50 to mail and then $0.50 for the return envelope. That's just if you have an invitation that is under 1 ounce. Then you have the invitation itself, the reply card, and the info card. I'd be surprised if someone could do 100 invitations for less than $200 including postage. Seems like a crazy amount of money to spend on paper right!? Especially since we know these end up right in the trash can. But hey, if you have the extra money to spend and the invitations are super important to you - definitely go for it.

My experience as an upcoming bride has been that 50% of my invitees have not sent their reply cards back. I had to message them to get an answer. I think the world has become such an technological dependent society that sending something in the mail is almost weird! If I would have put some thought into it, I probably would have just used e-vites. I would have gotten answers way sooner and could keep track right online.

It's up to you and your fiancee on how you want to handle invitations - but the $300 - $700 you spend on invitations you could use for an upgrade on something that is more important to you. And if you are worried about what people think - everyone you should be inviting to your wedding should care more about your special moment then if they received a super fancy invitation. I'm sure they would appreciate the photo booth or upgrade in menu you used the money from the invitation for.

These e-vites are also great to use for other wedding events like engagement party, bridal shower, bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Here is a link to the e-vite site: Click Here

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