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  • Lizzie Lumley


Is your decorator or DJ/Band offering you lighting options and you aren't quite sure what to do or it you even need it?

Our best advice to you is to look at photos of past events at your venue. You can definitely tell when they use uplighting or not. Unless your venue is outside without any lighting, uplights are not necessary. They are a decor item, and they can really add to the atmosphere of your event more than florals and other decor pieces. You want to make sure the uplights you are renting are battery operated as some venue charge to plug into their walls. Also for color choice, it is good to stay with one or two colors any more colors than that may make your event too circus-y.

Uplighting adds a nice warm glow to the event and you can turn down the lights even farther to get the dance atmosphere just right. Usually uplights will cost an additional $100-$300 to add into your decor or DJ/Band package. If you can skim off some budget in another category to put towards lighting, we would definitely suggest doing that.

Take a look at how uplights can drastically change the look and feel of the room:

This is without uplights:

This is with uplighting:

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