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  • Lizzie Lumley

Picking Your Wedding Date

This post first began as a list of things to do right after you get engaged, but my number one was picking a wedding date, and then I started writing about it and decided it needed its own post. And here's why.

Your wedding date is influenced by a variety of factors.

- Preferred Season

- Did you want to have a winter themed wedding? what about a fall wedding - using all those rich colors? How about a fun summer wedding??? If that matters to you, pick your season and do a search on what the weather pattern is around that time in your location.

- Preferred Date

- Did you want to get married on a particular date? Perhaps a meaningful date in your

relationship? We had a bride get married on the same day as their first date!

- Preferred Venue

- Do you have a must have venue? Well their schedule might dictate your wedding date - so you will want to inquire with your chosen venue ASAP!

- Preferred Vendor

- You have been following them on instagram, just waiting for the date you found the one. Whether it's a photographer, videographer, wedding planner, etc. If you must have them, check with them for availability.

- Budget

- Having a wedding on any other day than a Saturday can save you a bunch of money!

- Engagement

- Decide how long you want to be engaged. There is no reason to rush the wedding. You can enjoy being engaged for a while.

So decide what is most important to you and then get that calendar out!

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