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Lizzie here. I believe a big part of hiring a wedding planner is feeling comfortable and trusting the planner. Now usually trust and comfort is built over a period of time in a relationship. Usually with your wedding vendors, you find the on the web searching for "wedding planners palm beach" or the like and maybe one phone call and that's it. That's why I like to do posts like these so you can get to know me.

How did I choose my business name? There isn't just one reason in particular - and most people think it's about my love of Disney - which let's be honest - definitely had something to do with the name choice, but it's not the full reason. I really try and take the manta "No Worries" to heart. I am a hands town type A, perfectionist, organizational control freak - which makes me a great wedding planner, but it does not bode well for the stress level in life. So my family would tell me Hakuna Matata when I was worrying a bit too much about something that maybe didn't need to be worried about as much as I was. Also, there was one time in the car that I had a bit of a blonde moment - the song "Hakuna Matata" was on, and I turned to my sister and said "I wonder what Hakuna Matata means." She turned to me with the straightest face and replied, "it means no worries for the rest of your's a problem free, philosophy...." Haha! Whoops. I have never lived that down.

The biggest reason is the meaning behind the phrase - no worries - wedding and event days are some of the most stressful happenings because you care so much about their success. You plan so hard and so long and you just want everything to happen perfectly and for everyone to have a good time. Completely understandable. I've seen hosts so wrapped up in the running around that they never get to enjoy their event. I wanted to be the person to take their worries away - handle all that running around. My job is quite literally to help people have a good time! I felt like my business name needed to convey the thought that when you hire me as your day of wedding coordinator or event planner that you will have no worries and I will handle everything!

Last but not least, I thought of the cutest slogan, " We mean no worries for your wedding/event day!" I never thought I would be able to have the name as I thought it was copyrighted by Disney - but when I checked with the trademark office and they said I could use it - I knew that it was the right fit for me!

South Florida Wedding Planner

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