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  • Lizzie Lumley

First Wedding "Emergency"

Folks - when I started my business I was waiting for my first real "emergency" - I put emergency in quotes because it is more of a problem. Luckily the first wedding I was the day of coordinator went off without a hitch - except the AC went out on the trolley - but the trolley company made a quick swap and all was fine. My first real problem happened at my March 3rd wedding - the printing company that the bride used made a mistake on the place cards - they only printed tables 1, 10, and the bridal table and they managed to print each of those tables 5 times! I noticed the duplicates when setting up the place cards. I always ask my brides for a copy of the seating chart and table assignments - just in case a place card gets lost or a guest is wandering around aimlessly. I had her seating chart, and I got with the venue. While my assistant helped set up the rest of the decor, I sat at the computer and typed up all the place cards, printed them and got them ready to go! Crisis averted.

Placecards Wedding

Special thanks to the Sailfish Club for letting me use their equipment.

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