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  • Lizzie Lumley

It's all in the details

Weddings are all about those little personal details - but you and your fiance are going to be tied up with wedding activities on the day of. So who is going to make sure that all your details are set up just the way you want them? You don't want to stick that task with one of your family members or wedding guests. Nine times out of ten they won't do it the way you want it or things get forgotten. That's why you hire a wedding planner to make sure all the details you spend so much time on gets set up right. Take a look at a few details we have done at the weddings we have planned. This doesn't even scratch the surface of all the details we do for each wedding - just a little taste.

We added all the floral to the sweetheart table and backdrop.

This bride pre-made all her centerpieces so we set that all up along with the sweet heart table

We surprised this bride who had a fall themed wedding by adding fall leaves to her pew decor.

This couple bought lots of random wedding accessories and left it up to us to designated decor.

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