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Seasonal Flowers

April Showers Bring May Flowers!

If flowers are the most important thing to you for your wedding, then we have some advice to give for you on this. Flowers are seasonal - meaning that they grow and bloom different times of the year. Yes, there are places that grow flowers all year around but shipping them can get costly.

Also keep in mind when choosing your wedding date - flowers are in super high demand for Valentines Day and Mothers Day! Prices for florals go up and availability goes down.

We are lucky that having weddings in South Florida, we have access to Miami that ships a LOT of florals so we have better access to flowers.

Our biggest advice - make sure you have a candid talk with your florist in South Florida. Ask them about the availability of the certain kinds of flowers you want in that color.

Because flowers are fragile and crops can be ruined with weather - sometimes it just won't happen - but there is a solution. Silk Flowers can look great mixed in with real flowers - you don't even know the difference. Like here - those anemone flowers are fake (ones with the black centers)

Photo Set Free Photography | Floral Marco Island Florist

Below is a helpful guide to point you in the right direction if you have a specific flower request. This is just a guide, it is not to say that you can't get these flowers during another season. That is definitely something you need to discuss with your florist.

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