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Food Stations Vs. Buffet

You are getting into your planning for your Florida wedding or event - and a big topics will be food. Food is one of the most remembered item from your wedding or event via your guests stand point. There are a few options you can choose for how the venue/caterer serves the food for your wedding - family style, plated options, plated duo, buffet, food stations, heavy appetizers. There are so many options, but today this blog post will focus on food stations vs. buffets for your South Florida Wedding.

Now who's hungry for some info:

Let's answering the most important questions:

What is a buffet?

A buffet is a table or tables spread of all the different food options you picked - usually the buffet line will start with the salad, bread, meats, then sides.

Photo from Wedding Magz

What is a food station?

A food station is just that, multiple tables are set up throughout your event space. Each is themed to the menu you chose - so Mac n' Cheese Bar, Taco Station, Pizza Station, Mashed Potato Bar, Roasted Pig etc. The venues can get really creative in decorating each station to the food choices.

Photo from Paella Del Mar

Which one should I choose?

That is a total personal question based on preference and budget. Buffet lines are usually going to cost less than stations because you choose less food options. Stations are fun because you can get really creative with them - but they do end up taking up more space in the reception area. Stations are great too because it makes the food service go faster - since there are multiple stations to visit guests are invited up from their tables faster than a traditional buffet line where a really long line can form!

Your caterer or venue can help steer you in the right direction on what fits your wedding or event. As your Palm Beach Day of Wedding Planners, we are happy to help as well.

What are your thoughts on stations vs. buffet? I really feel like the trend is shifting to stations and I think that is great because it means more choices for your guests.

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