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Food Day Of

A huge part of your wedding day is the food - but typically people only think of the food for the appetizers, dinner and dessert. Of course- because that is a super fun part of wedding planning - choosing the menu. But what people tend to forget is that you need to eat prior to dinner time. It's a long day and with all the emotions and nerves, couples and bridal party need some food in their stomach so no one passes out or feels ill.

This is where your Palm Beach Day of Wedding Planner comes in - when we start with you the month before, we go through your entire day to make sure that everything is taken care of. The most forgotten thing on a wedding day is breakfast and lunch - almost every single one of my couples when I mentioned it said, " oh my gosh, we didn't think about that." Usually hair and make up starts between 6 AM - 8 AM. Yes incredibly early, but in order to be finished and ready for pictures to start, that is usually the start time. This means that your bridal party will be in your getting ready suite for the entire time- including breakfast and lunch time. The groomsmen usually don't arrive until after lunch time but the groom or significant other will be needing food in most cases.

We suggest either getting room service if that is an option through your venue or we offer that we can pick up lunch platters from your restaurant of choice - Panera, Publix, TooJays, etc. You call and place your order for food a few days prior and pay for it. Then we go and pick it up and deliver to you. Usually that is for lunch. We don't typically arrive on site early enough to deliver breakfast, but we suggest getting a fruit bowl, muffins, and other breakfast items from the local grocery store and place in your mini fridge for the ladies to snack on during the day.

We take care of cleaning up your bridal suite so that none of the deli meat items get left out to spoil or smell. That is part of our service that perhaps people don't even think about!

Besides reminding our couples about food on the day of, there are many other reminders and helpful tips and advice we give our couples during the month prior. The key to having a successful event is PREPARATION - this is why we don't just jump in day of. We like to make sure any potential issues are identified and fixed before the big day!

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