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Florida Themed Place cards

Place cards are little cards that are used to tell people what table they are at and if you are having a plated meal, it helps the venue know what meal to serve which person. There are so many unique place card displays that you can do. Today for this blog post we are going to talk about Florida Themed Place card and Place Card displays. Your Florida Day of Wedding Planner can help you set up these. In our a la carte options, you can also hire us to help create these as well.

1. Starfish Place Cards

2. Sand Dollar Place Cards

- A creative display is to place them in a box of sand. As your South Florida Day of Wedding Planner, we would take care of all this set up and clean up.

3. Orange Place Cards

- These are probably my favorite. I just think they are so cute! We can design them on a table using different crates to elevate the oranges at different heights- accent with greenery.

4. Foliage Place Cards

Florida is a tropical place. Why not use the trend of greenery and use it for your place cards. Calligraphers can do amazing things on leaves.

5. Sea Shell Place Cards

Two options here to use Shells are the place cards themselves or use them as a holder. Anyone who knows Lizzie (the owner), know she loves Christmas. She especially loved these oyster shells that have double use as place cards and then a Christmas ornament!

Ideas are endless. We can point you in the right direction to match your overall design. We can also share some awesome calligraphy vendors to write your custom placecards! These do double duty as placecard and guest favors.

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