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Double Use Items

As I like to call it - getting more bang for your buck!

Items from your ceremony can be re-purposed in your cocktail hour and reception. Therefore saving yourself some money on additional decor. We can help you figure of what to reuse or not. Then as your day of wedding planners, we can facilitate those moves and set up the second round usage!

Here are some examples of items that can be re-used:

1. Bridesmaids Bouquets

- After the ceremony & bridal party photos, bridesmaid don't use their bouquets again. Why not use these beautiful bouquets as your centerpieces? The florist will already provide vases when they deliver the bouquets, so we can put those vases in the center of the tables - collect the bridesmaids bouquets when they are finished and make the centerpieces. Usually it is not enough to fill the table -so we suggest some smaller floral accents and candles from your decorator. If you don't want to use them as centerpieces, then you can use them on the cake table, escort card table, etc.

2. Easels

- Any easels used for ceremony signage can be moved to cocktail hour or reception to hold other custom signs like seating chart, photos, etc.

3. Arch Florals

- Usually the florals are built in a tray that is removable. So as your florist about removing those florals and putting them on your sweetheart table! It is usually a large arrangement so your table will burst!

4. Aisle Decor

- If you have small posey florals, we can re-purpose those as cake table decor, buffet table accents, etc. If you did lanterns or glass cylinders with candles, we can place that near your sweet heart table!

5. Bridal Bouquet

- Usually the bride's bouquet is used as the centerpiece for the sweetheart table accented with some candles. Usually bridals bouquets are $100 ++ so it is nice to reuse.

Photo by Trenholm Photography Reused Items: Florals on Hedgewalls are from the ceremony arch. Florals on Sweetheart table are from the aisle decor. Bridal bouquet in middle. Florals by Marco Island Florist

Photo by Let Me Be Candid

Reused Items: Florals sitting on table - florals off the arch Florals by Marco Island Florist

Photo by Michelle Lawson Photography

Reused Items: Bridal Bouquet in the middle and two bridesmaid bouquets on each end. Greens used from ceremony decor. Florals by MB Florals

The possibilities are endless. And that is the great part about hiring a day of planner, because we can move all the decor for you and handle the bouquet placement and all that - so you don't need to worry about it. You don't need to pay more labor costs for the decorator to move it as it's included in our services plus all the other services you get with hiring us as your Florida day of wedding planner!

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