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Wedding Rehearsals

What is a wedding rehearsal and why do you have to bother with it?

A wedding rehearsal is where you and your bridal party and any one in the processional (parents, grandparents) practice walking down the aisle.

Why bother with it? It is very important because on the big day your bridal party knows where to go, what time to be there, who they are going to walk down the aisle with, where to sit/stand etc.

The rehearsal itself takes less than a half and hour. As your day of wedding coordinator, I run the rehearsal for you. In the month prior to the wedding, we sit down and arrange how your processional will happen i.e. who walks first, who walks with who etc.

  • Meeting Time & Place - all people in processional there

  • Welcome and Introduction - I welcome your friends and family and introduce myself

  • Line up at the altar area - I position the bridal party so they know where they are standing after they walk down the aisle.

  • Practice the recessional (walking out)

  • Gather everyone together and line up for the practice processional

  • Practice Processional - family takes their seat, bridal party stands

  • Officiant runs through ceremony - quickly and doesn't give away whole ceremony

  • Practice Recessional

  • Questions - time to ask any questions

  • Remind everyone of timing for the next day (bridesmaid - Hair/Makeup, Family - photos)

  • Head to the Rehearsal Dinner - at which point I leave you

Sometimes at the rehearsal is where I pick up all your personal items from you - so that you don't have to worry about them on the day of or sometimes I pick them up from you earlier in the week.

I have done weddings with and without rehearsal - from my experience, I can tell you having a rehearsal is necessary. It helps your bridal party get a feel for how the ceremony is going to go and what their responsibilities are. Many people are very nervous so this helps A LOT. Also for you as the couple - you can know what to expect because on that day of you are going to be emotional and nervous as well. Also it helps to give everyone a refresher on where they need to be and when for the following day. Plus everyone gets to know me and have my number so that they can bug me with all the questions and not YOU!

Usually there is always some get together after the rehearsal, so for the short amount of time doing a rehearsal takes - just get everyone together and we'll knock it out!

Rehearsal Photo

Photo Courtesy of Ormond Entertainment

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