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  • Lizzie Lumley

After Wedding Blues

After Wedding Blues/Depression are REAL. I experienced them as a bride. Most women look forward to their wedding day their entire life leading up to that day. We are secretly planning what we will have the whole time - seeing inspiration that we aren't even looking for in TV shows, other people's wedding, and on the internet. So when the big day finally comes and goes, sometimes we brides can't help focusing on what was missing or what other things we could have done or just that the big day is over and there is no more looking forward to it! Plus the time leading up to the wedding is so exciting - so much activity and planning and then a honeymoon. It is a whirlwind so when everything is over - it's all quiet and can make you a little blue. But you need to focus on the next thing to look forward to - getting your wedding photos, planning your next vacation, buying your first home together, etc.

Part of my job as your day of wedding coordinator is to make sure that we talk about all you dreamed out and how you want your wedding day to be. That way I can make sure your dream becomes a reality. That instead of worrying about if your vendors set up the flowers like you pictured, you can instead enjoy the time with your brides maids because I will be there making sure everything gets set up just the way you want it.

Pinterest crazy for your wedding with a bunch of DIY to make it the wedding you always dreamed? We can pick all the items up from you and take them to your wedding location and set it all up and take it all down. Your vision to reality.

By hiring a day of planner you can prevent some of those after wedding blues.

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