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Welcome Bags

A nice amenity for your out of town guests is a welcome bag. They can be personalized to your guests, location, and you as a couple! There are so many different things you can put in a basket. Here are a few ideas:


- Paperwork with things to do & places to eat around the area

- Map and Direction to ceremony & reception venue

- Schedule of Events for the wedding weekend

Photo by Zazzle

Other ideas:

- Hangover Kit with ibuprofen & water

- Stain Removing Wipes

- Snacks

- Local Gift - like in Florida - oranges or Vermont - maple syrup

- Mints

- Sunscreen

- Bug Spray Wipes

- Chapstick

- Souvenir from the area

- Postcard

- Playing Cards

- Emergen-c or Airbourne

- Mini Alcohol Bottles

Photo by One Love Photography

Photo by LS Creative on Etsy


- Don't wait until last minute to start this project it takes a bit longer than you may think

- Make it personal - have a custom bag or custom note welcoming everyone

- Some bags can differ - alcohol might not be right for everyone and if your guests have kids - then include activity books

- Make sure everything is travel size - so folks can bring the items home

If you need help, we offer a la carte options - we can gather all the items needed and make the paperwork items and assemble the welcome bags. And we can deliver them if needed.

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