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Why you should have a Seating Chart

Sometimes I have a hard time thinking of a blog topic each week. I plan them out ahead of time so that I can continue to have a new post each week. But for this week's blog post, I actually got inspiration from talking to a bride at my bartending job I do sometimes, who got married a year ago. I was asking her some of the mistakes she thought she did while planning, and she said her main mistake was not having a seating chart. She had over 230 guests! I almost fell over. She said people were coming late and didn't have a place to sit.

I sometimes forget that most people haven't worked in the event industry or planned a larger event. So I thought it would be a great topic today to discuss why I think it is necessary to have a seating chart - especially for the more guests you have.

You see it many times in life, people (strangers) don't like to sit next to each other - they will leave a seat between etc. This will 100% happen at your event. Then there will be one seat open at table 6 and one seat open at table 8 - but you have a couple that came late that wants to sit together. So in the case you are really against having assigned seating, we suggest at least setting 2 extra tables. When you have to set 2 extra tables, that is 2 extra centerpieces, 2 extra table clothes, 20 extra chairs, etc. You see where I am going here - it adds more cost.

If you are afraid that people will not like it or be offended by having assigned seating, I would say 90% of wedding do assigned seating. I have not planned one or attended one that hasn't had assigned seating. It is normal and people will expect it. Honestly, I think when there is no assigned seating - people tend to linger longer trying to figure out where to sit. That pushes your timeline back and it makes the guests feel a little lost.

If you have a plated dinner with several meal options, your venue will require you to have some sort of escort card that denotes the food choice. It is also helpful for them to know how many of what dish is supposed to go to what table.

There are so many fun and creative ideas with seating charts and escort cards that add to the decor of your event. Check out some of these ideas:

Photo Credit: via Glamour and Grace/ via Bridal Musings

Photo CW Designs

For a formal sit down event, where at some point everyone is expected to be seated, you have to have enough seating for everyone. We HIGHLY recommend you do a seating chart.

Please send us any questions or thoughts - we'd love to hear them!

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