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Sheet Cake vs. Real Cake

Let's talk about cake! Every event needs dessert and who doesn't love a good cake. Wedding cakes are traditional - but people have gone to doing cupcakes with a smaller 2-tiered cake to do the traditional ceremony while some are still doing the massive wedding cakes. It is all a matter of personal preference. Today in this blog post, we are going to talk about sheet cakes, faux layers, and a regular large cake.

Sheet cake is not displayed out front - it is just the flavor you pick with the frosting in a cake pan.

Faux layers are made of Styrofoam and are covered with the frosting.

Wedding cakes can be really expensive. If you have your heart set on a certain large design - styrofoam layers might be the way to go. Where the 2 bottom layers are fake, the third layer is real for you to cut during the reception and the top layer is real for you to take home and save for your one year wedding anniversary. Then you have sheet cakes in the back that the venue will cut for the rest of your guests. Usually this isn't the inexpensive option - it will usually cost the same just to get the whole cake real.

So who would choose a faux cake? Couples who have a small wedding party but still want the impact of a large cake will go with the fake layer so there is not all that cake waste.

Our suggestion for our couples trying to save money and if having a huge wedding cake isn't that important to you, we suggest getting a two tiered cake and having sheet cake in the back. This will save you some money on the cake.

Now go do your cake tasting!

Cake by Sailfish Club on Palm Beach Island | Photo by Pixie Vision Photography | Florals by MB Florals

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